We are an organic grocer, offering quality local, organic & natural wholefoods sourced from ethical & traceable artisan suppliers. We offer fresh, locally grown & seasonal fresh produce, raw full cream milk, proper free range eggs, raw honey and a hand picked range of hormone & antibiotic free meats. We also stock artisan cheeses & yoghurts, fresh nutmilk, raw juices, gluten free breads & wraps, dairy free ice cream, vegan & handmade mayo’s, kefir, kombucha & a range of organic herbs, spices & superfoods.

Our organic farmers only grow small quantities and what’s in season, which means everything in store is freshly picked & perfectly ripe. There’s never anything old, cold storaged or artificially ripened on our shelves. Being seasonal we many not always have what your recipe calls for but we promise that we will always have the best quality, uber fresh and perfectly delicious organic fruit & veg we can get our hands on (from farmers who uphold our organic principles of course) We’re passionate about treading lightly on the earth, and we think a lot about our carbon footprint, food wastage and excess packaging. This means that we don’t overstock, we keep things close to home, we donate to our local food charity and we only stock paper and reusable straws. We receive all our organic veg in reusable crates from our famers & pack our fruit & veg in biodegradable Good for the Ground packaging (a first on the North Coast). Please follow us on social media for our latest news & arrivals. We always have something exiting in store!

We are open daily 8am - 5pm, find us at The Market in the Lifestyle Centre Ballito.