what do we do?

we supply a delicious range of local, organic, fresh fruit & vegetables, free range meat, artisan cheeses, yoghurts, breads and handmade preserves directly from the farm at our Farmstall in Salt Rock.

we support exceptional local artisan producers so that you can eat quality local, organic food. We work closely with our bakers, farmers, butchers and producers & we know exactly what’s in your food & more importantly; what’s not.

everything is freshly picked, seasonal & directly from the farm; which means there’s no hanging about on supermarket shelves wrapped in plastic or endless cold transportation! everything is 100% chemical and pesticide free, grown by farmers who practice ethical and sustainable agricultural practices.

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organic farmstall

open daily 9am- 4pm

our farmstall is nestled in the gorgeous Litchi Trees at The Litchi Orchard in Salt Rock. we stock a wide range of wholefoods including proper free range eggs, grass fed full cream cheeses, yoghurts, raw honey, organic hummus, organic coffee, organic coconut oils, organic jams & spreads as well as a range of local handmade products. And of course our famous date & chilli chutney, which is perfectly paired with lamb!

fresh organic veg

locally grown, freshly picked, seasonal and organic veggies are available every Friday and Saturday from 9am at the Farmstall. Come fill your basket with a feast of healthy veg & fruit

free range

we stock a range of freshly frozen Hope Meats at our Farmstall as well as offering weekly personalised orders.
Hope Meats offer A-grade, FREE RANGE, HORMONE and ANTIBIOTIC FREE meat. They are highly regarded for their quality, ethics, traceability, and authenticity.